Bali Soul Journals book launched, Reaching for the Heart and Soul of Bali

Bali Soul Journals was officially launched last week and promises to be one of the most important books about the island seen to date.

The book is the first in a series of book by Clare McAlaney that showcases the beauty of people around the planet, and found the best place to start is in Bali.

“It’s been challenging. It was easy at times to listen to critics who claimed it was arrogant to write a book about Bali. This was demotivating, of course. But as time went on, it became harder to walk away, I became fully immersed in Bali. I realized that as a guest, it mattered not if I’d live here one minute, or 30 years. I was experiencing Bali with the eyes of a traveler and that is what created something so special and unjaded,” Clare said.

Clare explained that its initial intention was to inspire tolerance, love and understanding through a series of interviews of local people. But what began as a desire to highlight the beauty of Bali through the eyes of inspirational people, became a journey of its own.

With professional photographer Trish McNeill, they began to explore what made Bali unique. Over five months, Clare and Trish for the most part attended ceremonies, sought out locals and long-term residents, and began to piece together a tapestry that makes up what the heart and soul of Bali really is.

As they began to understand the cultural elements of community, values and spirituality of Balinese, it became clear that should any of these be destroyed, Bali would be lost forever. Not only for the environmental issues it faces with tourism and rapid growth, but for the loss of the very glue that binds the peaceful people together, that makes them different to any other place on the planet.

Clare explained that Bali Soul Journals is a unique book that takes its readers on a journey through Bali in a very special, thoughtful and beautiful way.

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