Europe is Main Market of Ornamental Fish from Bali

European countries are the largest market share of the live ornamental fish export from Bali, such as Germany, U.K., France and less to the United States of America.

“We did the most widely exporting live ornamental fish to Europe, in addition to other countries, including South Africa,” said Made Sukerena, a live ornamental fish exporter, in Denpasar.

He said that ornamental fish trade from Bali, apparently still depend on sea condition, because employers are not interested in the cultivation of sea ornamental fish to meet the demand of export market.

The market demand of ornamental fish is quite high especially from its fans in Europe and some Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, South Korea, including Russia.

As per records of Department of Industry and Trade of Bali Province, the realization of the live ornamental fish export traded from Bali is at least to 35 countries in the world with a value of 1.3 million dollars for six months or from July to December 2013.

Fish fans from the UK is biggest buyers lately, which is about 69,950 fish worth US$210,233, followed by Germany taking74,980 fish worth US$ 178,000, export to France about 59,738 fish worth US$146,507.

Sukerena said that no cultivation of sea ornamental fish is one of the problems faced in the export of live ornamental fish, because it still depends on the fishermen’ catch.

Uncertain weather at the sea is also the cause of live ornamental fish export from Bali has not been able to meet the market demand, especially the European countries, he said.

The market demand is quite a lot despite the world economic condition has not been improved a lot, but the supply is not enough because the fishermen who supply the ornamental fish are only from Java and West Nusa Tenggara.

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