Kuta Police Arrests Snatcher


An officer of the Kuta Sector Police named Badung Regency has arrested a snatcher targeting foreign tourists, after he tried to snatch the handbag of an Australian woman.

“The perpetrator fled when chased, but suddenly fell into a narrow alley and was captured,” the Chief of the Criminal Unit of the Kuta Sector Police First Police Inspector Wahyu Setyo said in Kuta on Monday.

Wahyu explained that the assault had taken place on Wednesday with the victim identified as Sally Joan Bairnsdale, 49, who happened to be having dinner at a restaurant not far from where she was staying.

Sally, who was accompanied with her friend Paul Anthony Edwards, 50, was shocked when her bag was snatched by the 22-year-old perpetrator, initialed AS.

“The perpetrator was riding a motorcycle when he approached and snatched her bag. Then Sally shouted for help,” Wahyu revealed.

The victim’s screams were heard by some residents of the area, who chased the suspect. The officer from the Kuta Sector Police, who was conducting a patrol, also pursued him till he was arrested.

A number of valuables belonging to the victim, including a smartphone, two wallets, glasses, 770 Australian dollars and Rp1.3 million were saved.

Currently, the perpetrator is being detained by the Kuta Sector Police Office for questioning.

This is one of the many cases involving a foreign tourists being attacked and robbed. Earlier, the Kuta Sector Police had arrested the perpetrators of a similar act.

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