Three Chinese Tourists Dragged by Waves in Tanah Lot


Three tourists from China swept away by waves when took photos in Tanah Lot, Tabanan Regency, Bali, on Tuesday.

One of these travelers, namely Tan Jia Tong (11) died in the incident. While the parents of the victim, Tan Yi (40) and Tang Bo (39), able to survive and suffered only scratches on their legs and body.

The lives of the girl of those two travelers cannot be saved after her body hit the coral rocks in one of the best tourism objects in the island.

Made Arinata (32), Tanah Lot beach watch had provided a help to the three victims. Even he had reminded those three not to get closer to the beach at 11:00 am because the waves were high.

“But those three victims remain walking down to the beach and taking pictures in the West of  Penyawangan Temple. I warned them for several times to stay away from the waves,” he said.

Arinata’s warning was ignored. When the victim was about to be photographed by her father, suddenly the victim slipped. At the same time the big waves came.

Arinata and three beach watch officers provided first aid to the three victims. The three victims’ bodies were ‘swallowed’ by the waves. “Just 20 minutes later, we were able to reach the victim’s body at the West of Batu Bolong,” he said.

However, Tan Jia Tong was died and her body was rushed to Tabanan hospital. In Tanah Lot those three victims were about to have lunch in the afternoon because they were going to directly return to their home country.

Meanwhile, Tanah Lot Travel Attractions Manager, I Ketut Toya Adnyana, claimed to have anticipated the hours of the occurrence of high waves. “Every five minutes we announce through loudspeakers to visitors to stay away from the coast due to high waves, which are very dangerous,” he said.

Until now, police are still checking the security officers of Tanah Lot to get information about the accident that claimed the live of the Chinese tourists.

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