Tourist Number to Sangeh Decline


The number of local and foreign people who do regular trips to enjoy the cool air in the Sangeh nutmeg forest, which is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys, were declining.

“There were many foreign and domestic tourists who came here but now it seems to be declining,” said Made Jigra, a resident around Sangeh tourist area.

Reduced tourists causes small industry traders and handicrafts also complained the low number of tourists spending their dollars in Sangeh.

Sangeh tourism object located 25 kilometers to the North from Denpasar, which besides hundreds of tame monkeys, there is also Bukit Sari Temple, which has a tradition of megalithic relics cultural heritage.

The cultural heritage is in the form of megalithic tradition stone throne located in Padma Capah shrine, once visited by many foreign tourists.

Department of Tourism did recorded the number of visits of foreign and domestic tourists in Sangeh, which in 2011 reached 199,858 people, but in 2012 there were only 54, 637 travelers consisting of 12 568 foreign tourists and 42,069 locals.

The decline in the number of foreign tourist and domestic tourist arrivals to Sangeh one of many is because they are afraid of the naughty monkeys that took stuffs carried by the visitors such as necklaces, earrings and so on.

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