Badung Government to Open 100 Hectares of New Rice Field

Government of Badung regency, Bali, open 100 hectares of new rice field in Belok Sidan village, Petang District, to anticipate shrinkage of agricultural land in the region.

“The opening of new rice field in the dry land begins by making a tunnel of water along 8 km by taking Tukad (river) Bangkung water resource,” said Badung Regent Anak Agung Gde Agung in Mangupura on Monday.

According to him, the manufacture of the water tunnel that has been done for three years had a little problem due to the rigors of the excavated soil in the region.

“Actually, the 8 km long tunnel is almost completed, just 35 meters away, but due to the rigors of land hampered through the tunnel, local government and the Subak community to make efforts that is customary and culturally appropriate based on Balinese people belief to be able to resolve the issue,” he said.

He explained that traditionally what has been done is to carry out the ceremony called “ngendag tirta kapialang watu” led by local religious leaders pleaded for clues and the smooth running of the project.

In addition, it also will use Japanese technology that is a semi-mechanical jeking tool that can make a five -meter long tunnel in a day so the 35 meters remaining can be completed in a week.

“We have instructed the Head of Highways and Irrigation with technical personnel from Japan did a survey once, after the delivery of the machine the tunnel work can be done,” he said.

The making of the tunnel is budgeted through Special Financial Assistance (BK) from the beginning to the end of 2013 worth Rp725 million and in 2014 addedRp300 million so the total amount is Rp1.25 billion and assisted by non-governmental subak organization of local people.

In addition, in the downstream is also built a network of irrigation and rice terraces arrangement, which is expected in early 2015 the paddy could be planted.

Meanwhile, Chief of Subak Pangsut Sari, I Wayan Badung said that with the establishment of the tunnel, the residents of Pangsut Sari amounting to 61 people will be able to establish new rice field on an area of 100 hectares.

“The conversion of previous function as horticultural land and orange farm to be wetlands to be done to support the government efforts, especially in the extension of agricultural land by opening new rice field,” he said.

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