Bali Prepare Rp30 Billion for School Renovation


Government of Bali Province prepares a grant amount Rp30 billion in 2014 budget for school and classroom renovation in Bali.

“Actually, school renovation already budgeted by the central Indonesian government. However, government of Bali Province also provides grant to improve the educational facilities that can be used for school and classroom renovation,” said Secretary of Department of Education, Youth, and Sports (Disdikpora) of Bali Province, I Wayan Serinah, in Denpasar, on Thursday.

He stated that the grant for facilities improvement is used for preschool (PAUD), primary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools and vocational high schools.

“This year, for preschools grant allocated is around Rp3 billion, primary schools reach Rp10 billion and secondary schools Rp17 billion,” he said.

He expected that with the grant prepared, it could help the schools so that it doesn’t distract the learning process in the respective schools.

Serinah added that in 2013 the number of damaged classrooms from primary to secondary schools is diverse, in primary years there are 95 classrooms (0.79 percent), and in junior high schools there are 162 classrooms (3.69 percent), while damaged classrooms for senior high schools reach 53 classrooms (1.69 percent) and in vocational high schools there are 34 damaged classrooms (2.29 percent).

“The grant for educational facilities improvement from preschools to senior high schools for 2013 budget had been done with the total of budget Rp24.54 billion,” he said.

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