Balinese Dance is in Queue for World Cultural Heritage Proposal


Balinese dance is among four other cultures from Indonesia that is proposed to UNESCO as the world cultural heritage. Those four national cultural heritages will be proposed to UNESCO one by one starting from 2014.

As quoted from Cabinet Secretariat web page, four national cultural heritage that is Taman Mini Indonesia Indah which will be proposed this year, Balinese Dance in 2015, Phinisi Boat in 2016, and Indonesian Weaving in 2017.

Diah Harianti, Director of Internalization of Values and Cultural Diplomacy Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) said that annually, every country should only propose one cultural heritage. The selection order of the proposals is made with various considerations. Cultural heritage, as much as possible should represent every region in Indonesia. Another consideration is the proposed culture should have a high value and sanctity.

Consideration based on the region, said Diah, due to cultural diversity in Indonesia is enormous, while the quota to be registered to UNESCO is very limited. In response to that, regional approach is needed so that all areas can be represented.

In addition to the area, the value of which is contained within a heritage should be high. Balinese dance for example, which will be proposed in 2015, in addition to representing the region of Bali, Balinese dance sanctity values have been high. The Balinese people uphold their culture one of them through dance.

She asserted that the limitation in the amount of the proposed national cultural heritage to UNESCO does not mean the determination of the amount of the national cultural heritage diminished. In contrast, out of 2,700 cultural heritages that have been recorded at this time should continue to increase in number.

“We need as many sets of national culture. This year target is 1,000 heritages. Last year there are 77 heritages predefined, this year target is at least 70 more,” she explained.

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