BNN Urges Prosecutor Office not to put Drugs Addicts in Prison


The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of Gianyar Regency, Bali, urged prosecutor office not to imprison drug addicts.

“We provide advocacy for the addict to avoid jail, but rehabilitation,” said Chief BNN Gianyar, I Made Pastika, on the sidelines of socialization of Prevention, Eradication, Abuse and Drugs Distribution (P4GN) program on Wednesday.

He argued that the policy in accordance with Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics, particularly on Article 127. “In the article it is mentioned that in the case of a trespasser as referred in paragraph (1) can be proved and proved as abusers shall undergo medical and social rehabilitation,” he said.

He hoped to the judge’s decision on the trial still decides that the addicts are rehabilitated not put in jail.

In the process of the investigation until the police investigation to the prosecutor is expected to be documented that addicts will be charged in accordance with Law No. 53 of 2009.

“We are ready to advocate, if anyone is caught as addict. We believe that the law enforcement officers are able to distinguish, which one is addict and which one is dealer,” said Pastika.

Especially for prevention, it put focus on secondary students and students having the mindset, attitudes and skill to reject abusing and distributing drug.

“Making the workers have the mindset, attitudes and skill to reject abusing and distributing drug,” he said.

While in the field of rehabilitation focuses on intensifying the compulsory of reporting on narcotics addicts, provide medical rehabilitation services and social rehabilitation to abusers, victims of abuse and drug addicts, build capacity of medical rehabilitation institution and social rehabilitation as priorities based on area susceptibility on drug abuse.

Meanwhile, Head of Gianyar Prosecutor Office, I Ketut Sumedana, welcomed the advocacy from BNN. “We hope there is MoU related to the demand for the drug addict,” he said.

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