Free Trade Determine Specific Standard for Tourism


Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mari Elka Pangestu, said that the free trade in 2015 applies special standards in accommodation services and human resources in the tourism sector.

“Later in the free trade has been defined 32 work competencies standardization in the world of tourism and 56 tourist attractions standard,” she said in Nusa Dua, Bali, on Saturday.

According to her, the attractions standardization, including hotels, parks, restaurants, travel agents, and recreation areas will have the same standards in Southeast Asia.

Standardization in tourism employment includes coffee maker (barista), bartender, house keeping, food and beverages and the tour guide.

For professionals, Mari continued, it has certified the tourism employees, which are 60 thousand people. In 2014, the Tourism Ministry (Kemenparekraf) is targeting the same thing to 10-15 thousand people.

“We are optimistic it can be done and should be realized by the end of this year so that the tourism practitioners in Indonesia can compete with workers coming from overseas,” she said.

For areas of Bali itself, she considered as the most ready one to face the tourism development towards the enactment of the free market. “With so many tourism schools here we are sure Bali will be able to keep track of it,” she said.

From Kemenparekraf this year has also started doing certification on tourism businesses which include hotels and restaurants in collaboration with governmental certification agency.

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