Military, Police in Bali Cooperate to Secure Elections


The National Defense Forces (TNI) and the National Police (Polri) in the island resort of Bali will cooperate to ensure security during the upcoming legislative and presidential elections.

“We will conduct a joint exercise with TNI in our effort to ensure security during the elections,” Bali Police Chief Inspector General Albertus Julius Benny Mokalu stated here on Friday.

He explained that besides TNI personnel, the Bali Police will establish cooperation with the regional government, including local General Election Commission and Election Supervisory Board.

The two-star general then expressed his hope that optimal cooperation with the TNI and the regional government will be able to create a safe and conducive situation for the elections.

He noted that security officials will be deployed at a number of entry points in Bali to tackle the entry of possible trouble makers into the resort island.

“Together with the TNI and assisted by all layers of community, we will be able to create a safe and conducive environment in Bali for smooth elections,” Mokalu assured.

He also called on the political parties in Bali to make the region conducive for the elections.

“We are well prepared to maintain security and have called upon all political parties across Bali to make the region conducive for staging elections,” Mokalu added.

He has also reminded that the parties participating in the elections had to uphold their pledge to follow the rules under the prevailing laws during the elections.

Meanwhile, Udayana Military Commander Major General Wisnu Bawa Tenaya added that the TNI was ready to cooperate with Polri to ensure security prior to and during the upcoming elections.

Therefore he called on all military personnel in Bali to continue to be alert and not be negligent in performing their duty of securing the elections.

“We will remain alert and not be negligent because we fully support the cooperation with Polri to secure the democratic festivity which is held every five years,” Wisnu added.

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