Satpol PP Closes Some Villas in Gianyar


Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) closed a number of villas in Jalan Babakan, Gianyar Regency, Bali, because hose villas did not have permit documents, on Wednesday.

“We directly seal those villas because there are no operating permits,” said the Head of Peace and Order Operational of Satpol PP Gianyar regency, I Wayan Suala Susila.

Menawhile on the same raid to enforce the law No. 13 of 1998 on Building Permit (IMB), officers also targeted five districts, namely Gianyar, Blahbatuh, Payangan, Ubud, and Tampaksiring.

As the result, in Petak village, Gianyar district, officials halted construction of house owned by residents who do not have IMB.

Similarly, in Medahan village, the officer ordered the building used as a place of business of making paving.

Meanwhile, in Pejeng Kawan village, Tampaksiring District, officers disciplined a unit of villa building that is allegedly illegal.

The same was done to the villa in Bukian village, Payangan District.

In Tebesaye Village, Ubud District, officers disciplined a transmitter tower and one unit of building that will be designated as a restaurant.

“From the results of the inspection, we secured two units of metal cutting tools and a unit of generator contact key,” said Susila.

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