Standing Tall, the First Born Giraffe in Bali



Graceful, tall and handsome that is how most people describe him. This long necked beau was born at the beginning of the year in the most serene park setting in Bali. He was welcomed by his proud parents and the staff at Bali Safari & Marine Park.

The young male baby giraffe came into the world in the early morning of Thursday, 2nd January 2014, weighting 65 kg and standing 2 meters in height, making him the tallest baby in the world. This definitely was an intense moment as this baby was the first Giraffe ever born in Bali, and one of very few ever born in Indonesia.

The mother, Sofi, a 4 year old who is part of a breeding program in Bali Safari and Marine Park. Sofi gave birth after a 15 months gestation and the baby was able to stand up within one hour after birth.

The Giraffe is the tallest living terrestrial animal the adult can grow up to 5 to 6 meters height with approximately up to 2 tons in weight.

Tim Husband, Bali Safari & Marine Park’s Animal Curator stated, “This unique and fantastic animal is one of our finest exhibited animals. The new born baby giraffe is just one of the Parks many success stories, and it is a testament to Bali Safari & Marine Park’s continuous dedication, commitment to conservation and education. Breeding program like this have enabled Bali Safari & Marine Park to be listed as the only “A” class accredited park in Bali, it’s not just the planned births of many animals that lifts Bali Safari & Marine Park above other Zoos, it is also the care given by our vets and staff that makes us a leader in Bali. 2014 is going to be an interesting year for the park with many planned births going to happen through the year.”

Beside a giraffe baby, two new lion cubs were born on 28 January to mother Icha and they have been gaining weight steadily and growing on their mother’s milk. They will receive their first physical examination by the veterinarian staff of Bali Safari & Marine Park. These two cubs are still to be named and the lion keepers will be watching them closely to pick out names that best describe their character.

“We are very proud of our lions. We have the deepest gene pool of lions in Indonesia with 7 different blood lines. This means with careful breeding we will never have the problem of inbreeding. These cubs will in time become part of our breeding program and may even help other zoos better improve their blood lines,” Tim Husband said.

Meanwhile an elephant baby also born at Bali Safari & Marine Park. On 22 January 2014 Bali Safari & Marine Park once again showed the world why they are one of Indonesia’s leading Wildlife Park with the birth of yet another elephant calf. Arriving into the world in the very early hour this female baby elephant weighing 72 kilograms has been a great addition to the very healthy herd housed at the park.

Bali Safari & Marine Park as a renowned conservation and education institution is also committed to continue support the growth population of endangered animals in Indonesia such as Bali Mynah, the Sumatran Tiger and Sumatran Elephants, Banteng, Sun Bear, Binturong, Babyrussa, Asiatic Tapir, Orangutan, komodo, Slow Loris,  Green peafowl, Electus parrot, just to name a few.

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