Bali Gov Asks Hospitals to be Consistent in Applying Smoke Free Regulation


The Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, asked hospitals in Bali to be consistent in applying the Regulation Number 10 of 2011 on Smoke Free Zone (KTR). Moreover, hospital is one of the places included in KTR.

“Hospitals must consistent if there’s people smoking, the person shoul be asked to put it off and the security must monitor the surrounding area,” he said in Denpasar, on Sunday.

According to him, Heads of Hospitals could seriously monitor the application of KTR Regulation in respective areas and must give assertive consequence if the staffs let people smoking.

The statement was expressed by Pastika in relation to the weak application of KTR Regulation in hospital area. As his experience in a previous week when visited a patient at Buleleng Regency Regional Hospital.

He regretted that at the hospital people waiting the patients are being let freely smoking and he had to ask them directly to turn off the cigarette.

Therefore, in order to get people smoking in the respective areas based on KTR Regulation, according to Pastika, no other way than assertive manner in the form of forcing.

“I believe in forces, people must be pushed, that’s my philosophy. Because by forcing them, they will get pressure. If being forced they be able to, after being able to they’ll get used to and after that it becomes their habit. To make something becomes a culture, it must be began from force,” he said.

Pastika suggested that if it’s needed, all staffs not only in hospitals, but also in the areas of government, should be assembled then examined if there is any cigarette in their pocket during work hour. “If there is cigarette, so their promotion could be postponed,” he advised.

Besides at hospital, Made Mangku Pastika also hoped that Puputan Margarana field, Renon, is cleaned from cigarette smoke by instructing the municipal police (Satpol PP) to hold raid every Saturday and Sunday.

“The field is also area of the Province. So, I did it in order to include it in the Smoking Free Zones too,” he said.

“I hope it’s effective so that all of us could be saved from smoking habit,’ said the former of Bali Police Chief.

On the other hand, Pastika has a view that human is the only God’s creature that consciously taking in poison to their body, one of them is in the form of cigarette. Animals, he said, when it knows a thing is poison, it won’t eat it.

“Let’s be aware as human who has intelligence, thought and feeling. We hope we could make people aware so they don’t purposefully taking poison into their body,” he said.

In relation to the plan to put the danger of smoking image in the cigarette packs, he agrees to do it so that people are willing to stop smoking. However, he also worries if with the image attachment people will feel to be more gentle and assume that they could defeat the danger.

“The National Commission of No-Smoking should think of more accurate step because when people illness is more than their fear, they won’t change. If they’re dying, then finally they stop smoking. If not, they will keep smoking,” he said.

The campaign entitled “Sudah Waktunya (It’s the Time)” and “Kampanye Peringatan Rokok Bergambar (Illustrative Cigarette Warning Campaign)” was held in collaboration of Tobacco Control National Commission, Ministry of Health, Government of Bali Province and Udayana University.

Meanwhile, Rector of Udayana University, Prof. Ketut Suastika, soon to issue the decree (SK) of smoking prohibition in the campus area to decrease the number of cigarette victims that have threatened all people in Indonesia.

“We will discuss it immediately for issuing the decree to establish a campus that is free of smoking and becomes the model for people in Bali,” he said in the sidelines of no-smoking campaign at Bajra Shandi monument Denpasar, on Sunday.

According to him, currently only one faculty that has been applying no-smoking area, which is the Medical Faculty.

He hoped that other faculties could copy the policy.

However, until now he could not target the timeline to get the biggest university in Bali free of cigarette.

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