Bulgaria Admits the Quality of Indonesian Furniture Products

The Mayor of Haskovo, Bulgaria, Georgi Ivanov, admitted the prominent quality of furniture products from Indonesia and was impressed with the quality of rattan products made in Indonesia.

It was stated by Georgi Ivanov, when received the visit from Indonesian Embassy for Sofia, Bunyan Saptomo, who visited Haskovo, Bulgaria, on the weekend.

Bunyan Saptomo, on Monday, said that on the meeting they discussed the possibility to increase economy and cultural partnership between Indonesia and Haskovo and surrounding areas.

Georgi Ivanov said that from his personal experience, he bought furniture from Indonesia six years ago and now it is still in good condition.

Ivanov said that in the economy field, Haskovo is a textile industry city, while its surrounding produce several types of agriculture products, such as wheat, tobacco, coriander and soybeans.

The Ambassador said that the main product of Indonesia that has been exported to Bulgaria besides furniture is palm oil, coffee, cocoa, thread and garment.

Based on the statistic data, Indonesia has imported coriander and tobacco from Bulgaria, mostly the products are from Haskovo.

In the meeting also discussed the possibily of cultural partnership between Indonesia and Haskovo government.

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