Govt of Klungkung to Hold Nusa Penida Festival


Government of Klungkung Regency plans to hold Nusa Penida Festival to attract tourists to the island.

“We plan to hold the event on June 2, 2014,” said Head of Department of Culture and Tourism of Klungkung, Wayan Sujana, in Semarapura, on Tuesday.

The event will be centered in Nusa Lembongan and will involve the entire customary villages in Nusa Penida district. “We expect to perform all cultural potential in Nusa Penida in this event,” he said.

Nusa Penida has several traditional arts, such as ritual of Sanghyang Gerodog that once had disappeared during the last 32 years. The ritual is usually held in Nusa Lembongan for a full month.

Besides, Rejang Renteng dance will also be performed as Nusa Penida traditional dance.

Cepuk woven fabric is also will be presented in the festival. In addition, “Ledok”, a typical food for community of Nusa Penida will also be displayed.

“Incidentally, we are now working to develop spiritual tourism in Nusa Penida. If all culture potential can be explored, the development of tourism in the island will be better,” said Wayan Sujana.

Currently Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan become destinations of foreign tourists who love water attractions, such as snorkeling and other underwater activities.

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