Many European Tourists Keep Spending Holiday in Bali


The promotional effort done by the Indonesian government with the tourism industry in late 2012 to attract European tourists began to have a positive impact, said tourism analysts Drs. Dewa Nyoman Putra.

“An increasing number of tourists visit from European countries such as travelers from UK, France, Germany and Russia experienced a positive growth in 2013,” said the observer of Bali tourism in Denpasar, on Wednesday.

As per the data of Bali Provincial Tourism Department, the number of European tourists who had vacation on the island continues to grow, even if the people of the country are still experiencing a global economic crisis that is not a hundred percent recovered.

European tourist arrivals continue to grow every month, during August 2013 recorded 79,136 people. In a year, it reached 719,212 people, so it is quite significant.

Putra said that a visit of the European society to the island has 21.94 percent of the entire role of foreign tourist arrivals to Bali which reached 3.2 million people during 2013.

Arts, culture and customs embraced by Balinese people plus the natural beauty become the main attraction for the international community, including from Europe who visit Bali. “It is certainly also due to the vigorous campaign carried out to the European countries,” he said.

Tourists from several countries in Europe which most come on holiday to Bali showed an increasing trend which is quite good as the French increased to 18.81 percent to 125,247 in 2013 from the previous year for only 105,417 people.

British tourists increased 6.05 percent from 115,429 people became 122,408 people in 2013 and the two countries are now included in the top ten countries supplies travelers to Bali, apart from Australia, Japan, China, South Korea and so on.

While the German tourist reduced visiting Indonesia, but recorded have vacation to Bali is increasing from 85,331 people in 2012 to 100,663 people, an increase of 17.97 percent over 2013.

While tourists from Russia also come spending holiday in the island, there were 79,338 people during 2013 or an increase of 1.89 percent compared to the previous year that there were only 77,869 people, said Putra.

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