Pastika Encourages Chinese to Build Brotherhood

Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, encouraged Chinese community to build brotherhood with local people for the sake of maintaining peace in Bali.

“Bali consists of various ethnics. Therefore, harmonious relationship between ethnics must be kept for peacefullness, by putting forward the nation unity and integration,” he said at the celebration of Chinese New Year 2565 in Sanur, Denpasar, Thursday.

According to him the spirit of brotherhood among Chinese people has been developed for a long time, moreover, cultural acculturation of Chinese-Balinese is very solid in the community.

“Chinese cultural acculturation has attached to the community life in Bali. Even in the ritual level, Chinese culture appears so much,” he said.

Mangku Pastika invited all people, especially Chinese descendants in Bali, to celebrate the Chinese New Year as self introspection and nation development, especially in tourism sector in Bali.

“In this Chinese New Year  which is also called the year of horse, people should work hard and full of spirit like a horse running to find a better life,” said Mangku Pastika.

The Governor of Bali further said that the role of Chinese descendants in Bali is quite big in terms of development. The economy sector ran by the Chinese people is transmitted to the locals.

“The role of Chinese descendants is quite big in Bali’s economy growth. Therefore, we encourage them to improve the role,” he said.

The Chair of Indonesia Chinese Regional Official (INTI), Sudiarta Indrajaya, said that the celebration of Chinese New Year as a form of farmers’ happiness after harvesting and a part of how to celebrate the success.

He said that Chinese New Year celebration in Bali has its own uniqueness, as it was enliven by arts performance from Shandong, China. They came to carry arts and culture mission as tourism promotion exchange to Indonesia, especially Bali.

“It is a cultural mission performance and enjoy tourism object in Bali, later they also will promote tourism in their respective country. It is beneficial for Bali in the future, so that tourists from China surely will increase visiting the island of Gods,” he said.

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