US will Respect Outcome of Indonesian Upcoming Election


The United States will respect the result of Indonesias April 2014 election, the US Secretary of State John Kerry stated here on Monday, during a press conference with Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa.

“Indonesia is an important partner for the United States. But, it is up to the Indonesian people to choose their own leader. Whatever the result of the upcoming election, I am sure the US and Indonesia will maintain very strong relations in the future,” Kerry noted.

The secretary of state also expressed optimism that Indonesia will continue to make progress in various sectors, similar to what it had achieved during the past 10 years.

Indonesia will hold a legislative election on April 9 and the presidential election two months later, on July 9.

As of now, only one political party, the Peoples Conscience Party (Hanura), has nominated a presidential candidate by naming the retired military general Wiranto. Other parties such as Golkar, Democrat, and PDIP are yet to announce their presidential candidates.

However, some names of potential presidential candidates have frequently surfaced, such as Jakartas Governor Joko Widodo and former chief of Armys Special Forces, who is now Chairman of Great Indonesia Movement Party Prabowo.

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