Agricultural System in Bali Inspires Chinese Vice Minister of Agriculture

The Chinese Vice Minister of Agriculture, Yu Xiarong, expressed his interest in the agricultural system applied in Bali, and it becomes an inspiration for him to be able to adopt it in his country. It was revealed when the Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, received audience from Ministry of Agriculture and the group in his office, on Thursday.

Yu Xiarong said that between China and Bali have many similarities, in which almost 50 percent of 1.5 billion people in China are farmers. In China there are also problems in which many productive ages don’t want to live life as farmer and switch to other sectors. Therefore, there is a need to develop technology as in Bali to maintain agriculture in the future.

The Governor described condition in Bali as an agriculture area, which is rich of culture, Balinese culture is agricultural, without agriculture the Balinese culture will be disappear and automatically tourism will be gone too.

The agricultural land is narrow so farmers only cultivate in limited width of land. The government of Bali uses accurate, economical and environment-friendly technology that could improve the farmers’ income so that people become interested in keep farming and reduce land conversion through Simantri Prominent Program. “With Simantri I hope the farmers’ income could increase, since in addition to result from the husbandry, they also could earn money from organic fertilizer that produce organic farming with a more expensive price,” Pastika explained. Pastika asked Xiarong to invite government of Bali if there is any agricultural event in China.

So far, between China and Bali, there has been partnership in agriculture through hybrid paddy from China that is planted in Bali, which could produce greater amount than local paddy. However, this hybrid paddy is not familiar among Balinese farmers.

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