Bali Get Appreciation for Saving Japanese Tourists


The hard work of SAR (Search and rescue) of Denpasar team, people, government and other related institutions in an effort to rescue until provide treatment for five Japanese tourists who lost on the ocean while diving, get high appreciation from the Japanese government.

“We are very thankful to SAR, police, army force and people of Nusa Lembongan as well as Balinese people, government and other institutions for saving our citizens,” said the Director of Information and Culture of Japan Embassy, Takeyama.

He said that when picked up four of five Japanese citizens that have been recovered after getting intensive treatment for four days in Sanglah Hospital Denpasar, on Thursday.

The Head of SAR Denpasar Office, Didi Hamzar, said that although the official search is stopped but he still does coordination to monitor and evacuate if there is any information of the remaining one victim.

The search is stopped done based on Government Regulation Number 36 of 2006 about Search and Rescue that there is no sign of finding the target that is still missing for seven days.

On the last search, the team has checked the area focused on the area in which the target had found and checked all coast in Nusa Dua, Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan.

All people in those two islands, which is now famous for its under water tourism, also have known the incident and hope they will provide information to SAR team if find the victim, said Didi.

Meanwhile the Japanese government plans to repatriate four Japanese nationals who survived a drowning incident in the Lembongan waters of Nusa Penida, on Thursday evening.

“We repatriated the survivors to Japan, on Thursday evening,” Director for Cultural and Information Division of the Japanese Embassy Takeyama stated on Thursday.

According to Takeyama, the embassy is handling the repatriation of the four Japanese nationals: Yamamoto Emi (33), Tomita Nahomi (29), Morizono Aya (27), and Yoshidome Atshumi (29).

The four tourists were earlier discharged from the Sanglah Central Hospital after undergoing treatment for sunburns.

He noted that the condition of the four Japanese nationals was stable.

Another Japanese national, Furukawa Saori (38), was given discharge from the Kasih Ibu Hospital in Kedongan, after her condition improved.

“However, Furukawa will not return to Japan as she is a resident of Bali Island,” Takeyama remarked.

The captain of Ocean Express carrying seven Japanese tourists went diving in Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency, Bali, named Agustinus, is determined as the suspect since he he is judged being so careless that cause other people died.

According to The Head of Law Justification Sub Division Directorate of Water police Bali Police, Adjunct Commissioner Handoyo Supeno, from the result of investigation, it is revealed that Agustinus had left the Japanese tourist when they were diving.

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