Chinese New Year Boosts Chinese Tourists Visit to Bali


People in China love to celebrate the Lunar Chinese New Year in Bali, as such, tourism from China increased significantly in January 2014.

“The number of tourists from China who visited Bali during the Lunar increased by 80.52 percent or reached 52,060 people,” tourism analyst Tjokorda Gde Agung noted.

Based on data from the Tourism Office of Bali, tourists from China in Bali reached 18.61 percent of the total foreign tourists who visited the island, which reached 279,671 people during January 2014. The greatest number of foreign tourists visiting Bali was from Australia, followed by China.

Gde Agung explained that the total number of foreign tourists visits in January increased. The main factors that attracted the tourists were infrastructure development in some areas, reduced pollution and the success of internationally recognized events such as APEC 2013.

The functioning of the Bali Mandara Highway since September 2013 also had a positive impact on the tourism of Bali.

“The growth in the Australian income was also an important factor. With an income increase, many Australians visited Bali. In addition, the developing economic situation in Asia also contributed to the increase in the number of foreign visitors,” he stated.

Gde Agung explained that the foreign tourists who visited Bali were still dominated by Australians, reaching 71,303 people or 25.50 percent. Malaysians, at 15,656 people, came in third, after the Chinese.

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