Gods Monument will be Built in Four Corners of Bali

Giant monument or statue of Hindu Gods in four directions of Bali Island will be built based on the idea of a painting maestro, Nyoman Gunarsa.

“I agree to the idea and it certainly could be realized. But it must be presented in seminar first and I ask Mr. Gunarsa to be one of the speakers,” said Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika in the monthly meeting with Balinese community, in Denpasar.

Pastika agreed Gunarsa’s idea to build monument as the symbol of lock or protection in spiritual as well as specific characteristic that easily to be seen when outsider entering the island.

At the East entrance of Bali Island (Padangbai Port, Karangasem) will be built Iswara monument; at the South (Benoa Port, Denpasar) will be built Brahma monument; at the West (Gilimanuk Port, Jembrana) will be built Mahadewastatye and at the North (Celukan Bawang Port, Buleleng) will be statue of Wisnu.

However, to realize the statues, it must be discussed first to listen to opinions from many parties.

“It relates to Bali and not an easy thing as it is connected to belief as well. The sensitive issues must be discussed first in depth, not to be done straight away. Firstly, whether Balinese people agree on it or not,” he said.

According to former of Bali Police Chief, the funding could ask a third party to join such as the managements of the four ports, which are Pelindo and ADP. Meanwhile, if there is no third party, it can be funded by the government.

“Previously, I also had an idea to build a high statue in the area of Segara Rupek Beach, Gilimanuk, so that people from Java Island could see the sign of Bali Island clearly,” he said.

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