Japanese Tourists Take a Glance at Bali, Again


Japanese tourists who travel abroad starting in 2013 seemed to again glance at the island as a vacation destination while looking for peace of mind and comfort, said a tourism analysts Dewa Nyoman Putra.

“Japanese tourists seem to start having holiday in Bali, an island of natural beauty as a vacation spot, especially for young people and the elderly,” said Dewa Nyoman Putra in Denpasar, on Wednesday.

It can be seen from the data of Bali Tourism Department that showed significant increase of around 8.5 percent during 2013 to 208,116 people or reaching 6.35 percent role of all foreign tourists to this region of 3.2 million people.

Japanese tourist visits to Bali start to grow towards the stable condition. The tourism practitioners should keep trying to improve the image of its best for the Japanese people, so that tourists from the country want to return to the island.

Promotion of tourism on cultural arts and other activities of Balinese people must still be done, either through brochures and video to Japan in order to assure that the island is a safe and comfortable place to visit.

Besides, the government and the tourism industry should not give up in improving the quality of service to provide the best image to the international community that spend holiday in Bali.

Putra said that the promotion of tourism still needs to be improved, given the number of tourists from Sakura country is starting to stabilize spending holiday in Bali, although still ranks third after Australia 826,388 people and China387,533 people.

The increase number of Japanese tourists to Bali is also due to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy that invites a number of areas for co-promoting in the 2013 JATA Travel Showcase with hopes that Japanese tourists would stay longer in Indonesia, including in Bali, he said.

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