Denpasar Try to Establish Waste Bank in Every Village

Denpasar Mayor, Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra, tries to establish waste bank in every village to help people to realize a clean and healthy environment.

“Until now there are 23 waste banks in Denpasar, we will try to establish it in every village,” said Rai Mantra after the ceremony of 226th anniversary of Denpasar, on Thursday.

He explained that for the waste banks must be managed properly, there are places available to be used as location and good waste management.

“The effectiveness of waste bank has been proved helping people in terms of waste management and could make profit,” he said.

In relation to the development of existing waste bank, it provides profits not only in the form of money but also health service.

Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra said that he will appreciate creative ideas like this.

“We hope people could throw ideas that could be helpful for public in general, and the government will give its full support,” he said.

One of creative ideas from the community related to waste management is in Sanur, East Denpasar, from that group could produce oil from plastic waste that can be used for cremation ceremony or “Ngaben” in Bali.

“Waste is one of problems in the city with high population, with the people creative ideas, government could be assisted in handling the problems caused by waste,” said Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra.

Furthermore, Rai Mantra added that through the momentum of Denpasar anniversary this year, he expected that the character of Denpasar residents is getting better because the challenges of the city are getting harder in the future.

Like the critics expressed by people are really good to build and manage Denpasar to be a more advanced city. The challenges in the future are a lot from urbanization, infrastructure, environment and including character problems.

“The development in the future not only to build infrastructure but also must build the generation characters to be more responsible and caring,” he said.

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