Bali Holds Ritual as a Respond to Natural Disaster

The government of Bali Province collaborated with Customary Village Main Council (MUDP) hekd pamelehpeh jagat ritual on March 1, 2014 responding a series of natural disaster occurred recently in Bali.

“The ceremony aimed to ask for safety for people and the nature, which is centered at Kentel Gumi Temple, Klungkung Regency on the 8th New Moon of Balinese Calendar,” said the Head of Public Relation Bureau of Bali Province, Ketut Teneng, in Denpasar on Monday.

He stated that the ceremony or ritual of Pamelehpeh Jagat is a follow up of suggestion and direction given by the Hindu Priests to Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika.

The direction then was followed by a meeting inviting various district institutions such as Indonesia Hindu Dharma Organization (PHDI), MUDP, High Priests and several ritual leaders in Besakih Temple.

In that meeting, it was revealed that recently natural signs appear such as natural disaster and irrational incident. Those series of incidents are a father was killed by his own son at ngerehang rangda ritual, a High Priest who also passed away killed by his son, and other cases like husband killed his wife because of simple problem.

“Incidents on the road are also scary. Recently many accidents happened, which caused many people died. Besides incidents among people, natural disasters also often happen,” Teneng said.

Referring to one of Hindu literature, Lontar Roga Sengara Bumi, the irrational incidents must be responded by holding Pamelehpeh Jagat ceremony that aims to ask for safety and happiness.

The ceremony was centered at Kentel Gumi Temple and led by Ida Pedanda Gede Putra Tembau and Ida Pedanda Gunung Sari.

Related to the ceremony, Ida Pedanda Gede Putra Tembau suggested that Hindus in Bali also should pray at Puseh, Bale Agung and Dalem Temple and then at their family shrines (merajan) in each house.

“We ask all Hindus to do it so that they could be kept away from disaster. Besides niskala (ritual) effort, sekala (real work) to prevent any incident such as natural disasters and fights between people should not be put aside,” he said.

To prevent more victims died on the road, Teneng reminded the road users to obey all traffic regulations. Meanwhile, to minimize the impact of natural disaster, people are advised to maintain the environment preservation.

“Communication among family members must be built to avoid fight that kills someone as a result,” Teneng said.

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