Govt to Evaluate Corby’s Parole


Minister of justice and human rights Amir Syamsuddin stated on Tuesday that he awaits a report from the Bali penitentiary office about the interview on TV Australia Channel 7 relating to Schapelle Leigh Corby.

He stated that the report will be used as basis for the evaluation of Corby’s parole.

Australian citizen Corby was recently given a parole after she spent several years in Kerobokan jail after being convicted for smuggling 4.5 kilograms of marijuana to Bali.

He explained that it was not impossible that the result of the evaluation could lead to the revocation of the parole and Corby’s return to jail.

He added that the interview has the potential to cause public restlessness, while one of the requirements for the parole was that she should not cause public restlessness.

The Bali office of the ministry of justice and human rights meanwhile has already summoned Corby’s family with regard to the interview on Channel 7.

The head of the office’s penitentiary division, Sunar Agus, pointed out that the summon was met by Mercedes Corby, Corby’s elder sister and her husband Wayan Widhyartha, on Monday afternoon.

They had been questioned about materials in the interview with the Sydney-based television station.

“Just as Channel 7 has reported, they informed about Corby when she was at the airport, visited by Mercedes,” he explained.

The interview led by Mike Willesee described how the “Queen of Marijuana” was freed under tight security from Kerobokan jail and entered the car that took her to a luxury villa in Siminyak, Kuta, Bali.

In the documentary video aired by Channel 7 on Sunday Night, the program also presented Corby who was warmly welcomed by a number of her family members.

Mercedes, Corby’s sister and the main source in the interview, questioned the origin of the 4.2 kilograms of marijuana carried by Corby.

“We do not know where the marijuana came from. It could be from Indonesia,” Mercedes pointed out in the interview.

In the 11-minute long interview, she also questioned a number of evidence showing that the illegal stuff was indeed being carried by Corby when she arrived at Bali’s Ngurah Rai airport.

“We are still trying to find evidence and information about the pictures at the airport but they are not available. We have asked for her fingerprints but there are none. Marijuana and X-Ray test results also are non-existent,” she added.

Mercedes explained that she believed that the illegal drug did not belong to Corby but had been planted by someone during transit at the airport in Sydney, according to a report that came from the customs agency secretly investigating officers that handled the baggage and the mentioning of movement of marijuana, at the same time her sister was in transit at Sydney to Bali.

Proposes Apologize to Indonesia
But Mercedes Corby represented her family, finally apologize to the Indonesian people related to the interview. She said that she apologizes if there are any of her words in the interview showed disrespect to Indonesia.

Further she said that her family is very happy that Schapelle Corby get the parole and thanked the Indonesian government for that.

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  1. kay williams Says:

    Mercedes only apologized because of the threat of schapelle going back to jail She only talks for cash Channel 7 paid for villa and service for 3 weeks $$$$$ Where does she get the cash to put her children through an International school not from Wayans surf shop ,Her Media Deals does it .She has been making $$$ ever since Schapelle got caught .I feel for Schapelle

  2. Craig Martin Says:

    I hope that Mercedes exposes all of those dirty fuckers from the afp and the government at the time she is an Australian that needed our help and we were to soft to ask any questions of the people in charge at the time I want to see schappelle profit from her hellish ordeal and see the people behind her downfall put in the same place for just 2 yrs and see how string they are …. Weak fuckers will fold and cry like bitches good on you schappelle if they put u back in I will personally build an empire and come to Indonesia and bring you home think I could rally up 10 or 15 thousand people quite easily fuck justice .. Tried that doesn’t work we will do it our way next time !!!!

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