Legislative Special Committee Encourage Bali to Fight for Airport Tax


The Special Committee (Pansus) for National Financial Regulation Plan in The Parliament encouraged government of Bali Province to ask Ministry of National Owned Enterprise (BUMN) to get some portions from the Ngurah Rai airport tax that is collected by PT. AngkasaPura I.

“Tourists come to Bali not because of the nice airport. They come because Bali is beautiful, so in terms of the share, certainly the local government should get the right to get some portions of the airport tax, with a percentage that will not disturbing the right of Angkasa Pura I,” said the Chair of Pansus National Financial Regulation Plan, Achsanul Qosasi, when collected ideas from various stakeholders in Denpasar, on Tuesday.

The percentage of airport tax that could be gained by Bali, according to him, could be gained by calculating the difference (delta) of tourists’ arrival development to Bali from year to year.

“It could be the base for government of Bali Province to propose and ask for portion from airport tax. In fact there must be special costs allocated for Bali taken from tourists’ arrival,” he said.

He thought that it is reasonable to be considered by the Ministry of BUMN and later simultaneously could be a part of Bali government commitment to get more tourists coming to Indonesia, especially Bali.

“Tourists come to Bali is getting more and more, the airport tax is growing. It means that the local government gets the benefits and Angkasa Pura get a continuous income,” said the legislator from Democratic Fraction.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor of Bali, Ketut Sudikerta, said that he will immediately follow up the special committee suggestion. “I will follow it up to the Ministry so Bali can get income from the airport tax,” he said.

Meanwhile, for the amount of money, Sudikerta could not say it for sure because it must go through analysis and discussion first. On the other hand, he wants the provincial government get a fair balance fund.

“What we need is a fair balance fund, we don’t need to be independent because so far what Bali contributed to the central government is pretty high, but what is returned to Bali is very small,” he said.

He said that the foreign exchange achieved by Bali for a year is around Rp41 trillions, but regrettably only Rp900 billion is returned to Bali.

“We do hope that Bali is specialized or get exceptional balance fund so that it’s more fair, at least we could get up to Rp10 trillion per year,” he said.

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