Penglipuran Village Should Have Bamboo Music Gallery

Penglipuran village as one of the favorite tourist villages in Bangli regency, Bali, needs bamboo music gallery facility.

“The potential of Penglipuran Village is quite large as contribution of tourism in Bali. Therefore, in the future this village should have a bamboo music gallery,” said DPD – RI (Regional Representative Council) candidate from Bali, Anak Agung Putu Ngurah Wirawan, in Denpasar on Tuesday.

The idea was thrown when he had face to face meeting with villagers in Penglipuran on Sunday (2/3) night.

“Penglipuran has the characteristic of bamboo forest. Besides bamboo forest, there is also a bamboo instrument called “Bumbang”, which is a unique bamboo instrument in Bali,” he said.

Therefore, he asked the residents to have to think about the existence of a bamboo music gallery in Penglipuran.

“If Penglipuran people have the initiative to create a gallery or museum for bamboo instruments, in addition to already having a preserved bamboo forest. This will add to the tourist attraction in Penglipuran,” said former Chairman of Indonesian Hindu Youth Association (Peradah) for two periods.

To realize bamboo music gallery in Penglipuran, he promised to look for those who are willing to help the realization of the bamboo music gallery in the village, including the Mayor of Bogor.

“I will strive to help realizing Penglipuran have a bamboo music gallery. Due to the existence of the gallery will add to the repertoire of Balinese arts and culture to be staged for tourists,” he said.

Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya Sugiarto showed his interest in the development of Penglipuran village, as a tourist village.

“I had purposefully come here and stay overnight for a close looks at the people in the development of rural tourism destinations,” he said.

He felt the atmosphere surrounding Penglipuran village. “I want to feel the atmosphere of this rural tranquility. And later I will try to develop what is existed in Bogor,” he said.

According to him, Bogor has the potential to develop a tourist village. “But I learned first several tourist villages in Indonesia so we could give the concept so that there is a tourist village in Bogor, one of them like in Bali,” he said.

He really enjoyed the atmosphere of the exotic nature in Penglipuran village. “The air is still fresh. Besides, the people are very friendly. Around the village there is a bamboo forest with diverse species,” he said.

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