Political Party Reps in Bali Agree on Peaceful Election


Representatives of political parties participating in the election, candidates for legislators in Bali, as well as various stakeholders signed an agreement for the peaceful, honest and fair 2014 election, in Denpasar.

“We hope that this agreement not only written, but in order to be a guideline in the action and the success of the elections,” said Chairman of the Provincial Election Commission of Bali, Dewa Kade Wiarsa Raka Sandi when delivering a speech at the signing occasion.

In addition to signed by 12 political parties participating in the election and 40 candidates for the legislators, it was also signed by Deputy Governor of Bali, Bali Parliament Chair, Regional Commander IX / Udayana , Bali police chief, and other important figures.

There are four points of agreement signed which contains a statement, first to uphold the values of democracy, law and culture and behave politely and complied with the legislation in force.

Second, maintaining unity, harmony, order, security and peace of the Balinese people based on the principle of “Menyama Braya, sagalak, sagilik, saguluk, paras- paros sarpanaya, salunglung sabayantaka ngardi Bali shanti lan jagadhita”.

The third is an agreement to uphold the principles of direct, general, fair and honest in the administration of election of members of the House of Representatives, Parliament and the president and vice president election in 2014. And the last is supporting the integrated election without money politics and black campaign so that the elected ones are trustworthy people.

“The legislative election in addition could run well, we also expect there is improvement in the quality of the implementation,” said Raka Sandi.

He said he believes the critical point that needs to be anticipated in the implementation of the election is the campaign, let alone it coincides with Nyepi, up to voting and counting stages.

Meanwhile, Vice Governor of Bali, Ketut Sudikerta expected that this agreement does not stop until the signing, but determination required and responsibilities of all parties to implement the agreement as well as achieving the success of the 2014 election.

This, added Sudikerta, is a challenge for all of people in Bali to maintain the image of Bali as a safe area. “To create a safe area is not an easy task, but it requires commitment, hard work, vigilance and unity of us all,” he said.

Bali Government also gave full support to KPU and Bawaslu of Bali Province to be serious in implementing the tasks and expected the two institutions can work together to build community participation and oversight them.

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