Three Residents Surrender Related to Threaten Bali Gov


Three residents of Sidakarya Village, Denpasar, surrendered to Bali Police to be examined in relation to the case of allegedly threaten Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, with a banner written “Cut Mangku P’s Head”.

Those three people are I Made Adi Jaya Nata (25), I Kadek Murdana (25), and I Wayan Saniasa (22) escorted directly by the local public figure accompanied by their lawyer, on Monday.

“We come to Bali Police to escort our residents to be examined in relation to installing a banner,” said the Chief of Banjar Sidakarya, Wayan Narta.

Wearing traditional attire, they entered Directorate of General Crime to be interrogated in relation to the banner, which is thought to be provocative as it threatens the Governor associated to refusing reclamation of Benoa Bay.

Meanwhile, their lawyer, I Wayan “Gendo” Suardana said that previously the Police wanted to arrest the three men on Thursday (27/2).

However, he did negotiation with the investigator as they will come by themselves on Monday for interrogation.

“They are all cooperative and it’s a commitment not to escape,” he said.

Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika expected that people should be calm responding to the installation of provocative banner, which contains a threat to cut his head.

“I expect all people to cool down and not to take personal actions because it will destroy all of us,” he said when held an open dialogue with components of Balinese community in Denpasar, on Sunday.

He emphasized that as a leader, he is responsible for keeping the area conducive, safe and comfortable. If there is anyone takes action, so I feel that I am failed as a leader.

“Let the police deal with it, trust them. I also formerly a personnel of Police, let’s trust them. I hope people stay calm and no need to take any action,” said the former of Bali Police Chief.

Pastika said that the objective of the meeting is to align the news spreading associated to the provocative banner as well as to hear people aspirations and suggestions on the Governor’s action reporting the banner to Bali Police.

“I don’t bear a grudge, I wish peace, I only want to know who ask them to write the banner. I believe someone writing it unconsciously, or it might be only show off,’ he said while believing that behind the making and installation of the banner there must be someone who gives instruction and provocation.

The Governor said that he will approach and invite the makers of banner to have dialogue with a brotherhood spirit.

“I will come by to their houses, no need for any crowd. I come by myself, I am brave enough. If they don’t want to come, I will come to them. I say with brotherhood spirit, they are my children, my brothers who must be saved,” he said when closed the open dialogue with various components of Balinese community in Denpasar, on Sunday.

Actually, he wants all components joined in No-Reclamation Campaign Network (Jalak) Sidakarya, Denpasar, as the party installing the threatening banner and Bali Civic Community (MSB) to attend the dialogue. Although the invitation had been sent out via mail, telephone and short message, those two components were absent.

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