Indonesia Has Various Culinary To Support Tourism


Inter-Institutional Relationship Expert Staff Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf), Syamsul Lussa said that Indonesia has a diverse culinary that is untapped to the maximum so it needs a creative touch to make it as Indonesian special menu, which is known worldwide.

“There are at least 300 ethnicities in Indonesia that have specific culinary, but only about 10 percent have been explored. Therefore, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will continue to encourage chefs to develop creativity in the presentation of the food to the tourists who come to the country,” said Syamsul Lussa on the sidelines of the exhibition named “Food, Hotel and Tourism Bali 2014” in Nusa Dua, on Thursday.

He said that the chance for Indonesia to introduce food to the world community is quite open, because each region has its ethnics and traditional foods that should be introduced to the international community.

“The diverse culinary are treasures of the Indonesian dishes so it also supports tourism in Indonesia,” he said.

Syamsul said foreign tourists coming to Indonesia not only want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and cultural arts, but they also want to taste the local culinary.

“Foreign tourists also want to taste the culinary from areas visited. Yet until now not all areas have been capable of serving the food having restaurants and star hotels standard,” he said.

Referring to the promotional efforts of Indonesian cuisine, he said, with the progress of tourism in Indonesia, and then all elements of society and the hotel cooks must make some innovations and creations to attract tourists to try the menu.

“We need to be able to promote Indonesian culinary as the rapid development of tourism in the country. We should be able to compete in serving food,” he said.

He acknowledged that the famous Indonesian food is Rendang. Now the food from Sumatra has been able to reach the world market.

“Rendang become a favorite food in the international world and even received the title of number one in the world,” he said.

Syamsul also expected that after Rendang known in the world, Indonesian coned rice will also be recognized in the world.

“We’ve done the promotion at every exhibition opportunity. Moreover, in any culinary related event activities we also present the Indonesian coned rice,” he said.

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