Jembrana Arts Festival Show Dozen Jegog Performance


Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in collaboration with the Government of Negara Regency again held Jembrana Arts Festival presenting dozens of Jegog held on March15.

The event committee, Netty Emilda, in Denpasar, said that the arts festival is one way to attract tourists to visit the region. And the festival will present dozens of Jegog in the region that is also known as the Makepung (traditional bull race) land.

She said that the arts festival has multiple benefits, which besides being a media for the preservation of culture also contains three basic components namely the protection, development or adaptation and utilization.

She said that Jegog arts has become an icon of Negara capital city, Jembrana, that should be preserved and developed as well as promoted so that the bamboo musical instruments from Jembrana get the benefit that could improve the welfare of the artists in particular.

Jembrana Arts Festival will present 1,600 Jegog musicians from 80 “sekaa” or groups that exist in Jembrana, ranging from children, junior high school students, youths, adults and the elderly.

In this event, besides Jegog parade, there will be Jegog music collaborates with other forms of arts such as comedy drama, song and dances.

She said that through Jembrana Arts Festival, it is expected that it could encourage people interest, both local and foreign tourists to visit West Bali.

“In addition to Jegog arts, in Jembrana there is also an attraction of Makepung race, ecotourism and the Bali Starling habitat as well as diving resort, which is very interesting and worth to be visited,” she said.

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