Singapore Potential Market for Leather Craft from Bali


Singapore is a potential market for leather craft from Bali, considering 20.55 percent or US$9.23 million worth of foreign exchange from leather craft came from there during 2013.

“Revenue from leather craft was on a decline at 4.55 percent as compared with the previous year that recorded 9.67 million dollar,” stated Head of Public Relation Bureau of Bali Provincial Administration I Ketut Teneng on Monday.

Ketut Teneng noted that leather craft from Bali was exported to various countries.

In addition to Singapore, the other countries are Japan (18.11 percent), Italy (13.19 percent), Netherlands (9.54 percent), United States (8.22 percent), Australia (6.27 percent), France (5.22 percent), Spain (5.16 percent), British (0.29 percent), Hong Kong (0.05 percent) and others (13.26 percent).

Ketut Teneng added that the export volume of leather craft in 2013 saw a decline at 38.03 percent, from 10.40 million units in 2012 to 6.65 million unit.

Leather craft contributed 1.9 percent of the total exports from Bali that reached 486.06 million in 2013, an increase of 0.88 percent from the previous year that recorded 481.83 million dollars.

Leather craft products from Bali, such as jackets, shoes, bags and belts, include 17 different kinds of household products that are passed over to overseas markets.

Besides leather, Bali also exported about 61.92 percent of its ceramic products worth US$1.47 million to Singapore in 2013, a regional government spokesman said.

“Bali’s ceramic products in various designs and produced by skilled local handicraft-men are able to win overseas markets. This boosted Bali’s foreign exchange income,” Ketut Teneng said.

He said that the ceramic-based cottage products were also exported to the United States (10.81 percent), Australia (4.22 percent), Britain (1.95 percent) and Hong Kong (0.48 percent).

Besides, some 1.09 percent was also exported to Italy, 3.10 percent to Spain, 0.88 percent to France and 13.10 percent to other countries.

Teneng said that the ceramic product exports in 2013 increased 40.1 percent from 354,190 pieces in 2012 to 475,484 pieces in 2013.

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