Thousands of Volunteers will Oversee Election in Bali


Chairman of the Bali Provincial Election Monitoring Agency, Ketut Rudia said that around 14 thousand volunteers are ready to conduct participatory monitoring at the implementation of the 2014 election on the island.

“We should submit the data to Jakarta, because then they will get identity cards and guide books. Having completed the task, they will also be given a certificate of appreciation,” he said on Monday.

The volunteers, he said, most came from students and beginner voters. The younger generation, is believed could help oversee the election.

“When viewed in terms of the total number of polling stations (TPS) in Bali which is 8,094 stations, we believe the presence of the volunteers would be able to prevent the fraudulent actions of an irresponsible person,” he said.

He stated that with more people watching over TPS, the election fraud can be minimized. Volunteers have been recruited since December 2013 as a part of the Million Volunteer Campaign launched by Election Supervisory Committee (Bawaslu).

On the other hand, Rudia also asked the public’s active participation to report immediately if there is a range of election organizers and supervisors doing any violation.

“No later than seven days after the incident, it should have been reported and not to wait until the eighth day,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bali Police will maximize 8,200 personnel to secure the 2014 Election.

The Chief of Bali Police Inspector General Albertus Julius Benny Mokalu said that in securing the election, he doesn’t determine any special security because the entire security pattern is in one line with the instruction from Indonesian Police Headquarter.

“It’s the same with Indonesian Police Headquarter, one line with the command. Nothing is different. The security pattern and personnel’s readiness is also the same,” he said.

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