1,700 Staffs Prepared to Handle Waste Created after Ogoh-ogoh Parade


Government of Denpasar to deploy 1,700 cleaning service staffs to handle the waste created after ogoh-ogoh parade which is held one day before Nyepi.

“From sweepers to the Chief of certain area will be involved to clean the waste after the parade,” said the Head of Sanitation and Gardening Department (DKP) I KetutWisada, in Denpasar.

For the cleaning, Wisada said, will be started at 9 pm after the giant dolls march and the waste transporting trucks start to run from 11 pm.

“We limit it until 3 am so later the staffs don’t seized by the traditional security because it will be Nyepi in the next couple hours,” he said.

DKP Denpasar makes the effort so that the capital city of Bali Province looks clean on Nyepi. “We also encourage people to put the trash in the bin during the parade,” Wisada said.

He expected that people in Denpasar after the ogoh-ogoh parade will burn the trash created.

“If based on the local custom, it should be burnt at the cemetery, don’t put it away on the street that could distract the traffic,” he said.

Then, there will be also street light blackout one day before Nyepi, which starts from 1 am from outside Denpasar to the center of the city at Catur Muka Statue at 2.30 am.

We will use 53 staffs to turn off 643 panels of street lights all over Denpasar and to be turned on again the following day,” Wisada said.

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