Canadian Consultant Offers Airport Concept at Sea


A consultant company from Canada named Airport Kinesis Consulting (AKC) offered new airport concept in Buleleng Regency, Bali, to be built in the middle of the sea.

“The construction of airport in the middle of the sea will be one kilometer from the main land. All airport facilities such as runway, terminal, etc. will be built on a made-up island that will be connected with railway route to the main land. Meanwhile as suporting facilities, in the main land will be developed an airport ciy,” said the Trading atache of Canada Embassy, Trecy Renold who accompanied the representative of AKC to meet Governor of Bali and was also attended by Vice Regent of Buleleng, NyomanSutjindra., in Denpasar.

He stated that the benefit from building an airport in the middle of the sea will decrease the cost, there is no need for land acquisition and moise effect from aeroplanes also can be decreased because it will be far away from residential area.

Meanwhile, Shad Servoune, AKC representative, said that if the Indonesian government give permission so in ten months this project can be started.

On the other hand, Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika stated that he fully understand the concept offered as it has bigger profit compared to build the airport on the land.

However, Pastika still asked for time to AKC to do one more presentation in font of Balinese public figure who will be invited to get inputs. Regarding the airport that will be built in the northern regency of Bali is a huge project that will determine the destiny of Bali in the future.

“I ask their favor to present this concept once more in Bahasa in front of all public figures, both religious leaders, environmentalists, academicians and others so that they could give inputs for the sake of public benefit and for the future of Bali,” he said.

Pastika also asked Head of Transportation Department of Bali Province, Astawa Riyadito to coordinate with the central government so there is synchronisation of decision about the determination of the airport project.

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