Government of Bali Province Asks Travel Agent to Socialize the Meaning of Nyepi

The government of Bali Province asks travel agents (BPW), hotel management and tour operator to socialize the meaning and significance of Nyepi in marketing their packages.

“Socialization of Nyepi, Saka New Year 1936 falls on March 31, 2014, is very important so that it doesn’t cause misunderstanding about the philosophy of Nyepi itself,” said Public Relations Agency Bali Province, I KetutTeneng in Denpasar.

Ketut Teneng said that foreign tourists who since at the beginning know the information about the meaning and significance of Nyepi are expected not to disturb Hindus carrying out the tapa brata penyepian.

The member of Welaka forum (Thinker group) Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) Bali, I Made Raka Santri, added that Nyepi tourism packages offered aims to facilitate the foreign tourists to witness the uniqueness of Bali.

“Bali as a popular tourist destination for world community must open to both local and foreign tourists to enjoy the uniqueness owned by Balinese people, including on Nyepi,” he said.

Hindus will carry out Nyepi for 24 hours from before sunrise to sunrise in the following day, by doing four prohibitions.

Those four prohibitions are amati karya (not working), amati lelungan (stay at home), amati geni (not make fire), and amati lelanguan (not releasing desires and having fun/ entertainment).

“Therefore, tourists and non-Hindus must support and succeed Hindus implementing tapa brata penyepian,” added RakaSantri.

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