Governor of Bali Highlights Waste Problem in Denpasar


Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, highlighted waste problem in Denpasar that is not properly handled.

“As one of urbanization and tourism destinations waste problem is one of social problems,” he said on the sidelines of his visit to Swaka Dharma Building at Lumintang area, Denpasar, on Thursday.

Related to the waste disposal problem at Suwung Final Disposal Place (TPA), the former Chief of Bali Police expected that the problem could be immediately solved by all parties.

Meanwhile the Head of Sanitation and Gardening Department (DKP) Denpasar, I Ketut Wisada, stated something related to the waste disposal problem to TPA Suwung, he expected that the provincial government could provide aid related to the problem.

“We hope there will be instruction from Governor of Bali in relation to the matter as waste produced by Denpasar is 800 tons per day,” said Wisada.

In the forum done as a series of working visit, the Vice Governor of Bali I Ketut Sudikerta explained that the waste disposal problem is caused by the waste management partner, PT NOI could not fulfill the target to produce electricity that is estimated around 10 megawatt only could produce 0.7 megawatt.

“The contract with PT NOI has been cut and we expect the government of Denpasar City soon will check TPA Suwung,” said Sudikerta.

Previously, government of Bali province had partnership contract in changing waste to power with PT NOI since 2004. The contract is planned to run until 2020.

After the event, DKP Denpasar was scheduled to visit TPA Suwung.

Besides, the former of two stars General from Buleleng Regency gave appreciation on the success of Denpasar develop waste bank. “It’s very positive in helping to reduce waste and also make economical benefits,” he said.

In the working visit, the Governor of Bali had tried the facility to make identity card at Swaka Dharma building.

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