Jembrana to Develop Nature Tourism


Jembrana Regency develops nature tourism, one of them is Pekutatan Trail Adventure, which is attended by thousand participants, on Sunday.

“The area of Pekutatan District with its beach and plantations is suitable for nature tourism, including exploring activity using trails like this,” said Jembrana Regent, I Putu Artha, who released thousands of trail fans coming from various regions in Bali.

By taking advantage of Pekutatan Village anniversary momentum, according to him, is an effective promotion to introduce the tourism object to other regions.

The Chief of customary village as the organizing committee asked so that the event held every year includes inviting off road lovers from outside Bali.

Bendesa or Chief of Pekutatan customary village, I Made Ariyasa said that the participants are about 1,000 people, who will travel along 75 kilometers.

“The line starts from along the shore, to steep cliffs and rivers in the district area. At the beginning we predict the participants are only 500 people, in fact it reaches 1,000 people,” he said.

In the nature exploration, the Vice Regent of Jembrana, I Made Kembang Hartawan also participated as he admitted to be challenged to beat the hard terrain.

“As a leader, our adrenalin is often triggered by various problems. Joining this event is one of my ways to exercise the adrenalin,” he said.

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