National Commission to Human Rights Monitors Election Stages in Bali


The National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) officials have monitored the 2014 general elections implementation stages to ensure people who have the right to vote in Bali can participate in the April 9 polling.

“We have a mandate that is based on the law to monitor and supervise that the elections should be free, without intimidation and coercion, fair, honest and righteous,” the Komnas HAM deputy chairman, M Imdadun Rahmat, said here on Wednesday.

According to Imdadun, his visit to Bali was also aimed to ensure that all voters can obtain sufficient information to determine their choices.

“(The people) through the general election are expected to choose qualified and dedicated leaders. We also supervise the General Elections Commission or KPU so that it conducts its task efficiently and also ensure that the local government supports the spread of information,” he stated.

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