Asita Bali to Develop Online Promotion


Bali Travel Agent Association (Asita) will develop its products promotion via online as an effort to expand market and get more customers.

“The online business can’t be avoided so we must anticipate it by establishing this online travel,” said Chairman of Asita Bali Ketut Ardana in the sidelines of Asita members’ reunion in Denpasar.

According to him, with the development of online travel agent business will also ease communication with costumers. So far many members of Asita Bali have already done online business but not integrated yet.

“We feel that with 371 members, we need to have website and its professional online management like the popular travel agents websites in Indonesia and abroad,” he said.

Ardana put target that the online travel will be operated September-October 2014 and certainly what marketed in the website are all legal travel agents and members of Asita.

He also regretted the rapid development of illegal travel agent. “Of course it’s the government duty to deal with the illegal ones and our authority only limited to report it to officers,” he said.

The expectation is that by combining online business at least it’s the beginning to increase income up to ten percent. Mainly, the most important thing in attracting customers in the online travel model is the attractive outlook of the tourism packages.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Indonesia Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) of Bali Province, Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya thought that with the development of Asita online promotion, it will make Bali more popular.

“In order to make Asita’s effort of promotion be successful, it should create something different,” he said.

Ngurah Wijaya also expected that the government immediately control illegal travel agents as it brings negative impacts such as take the market from Balinese businessmen and also not paying taxes.

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