Denpasar Holds Parade of 30 Ogoh-ogoh


The Government of Denpasar city will hold ogoh-ogoh parade by 30 participants from each hamlet in Kesiman Village.

“With the large number of participants joining the parade, it shows people’s high enthusiasm in making ‘ogoh-ogoh’,” said Denpasar Mayor, Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra.

According to Rai Mantra, the parade that will be held on March 30 by Kesiman Village, East Denpasar District, and will be centered in the Catus Pata Tohpati area.

Rai Mantra also thought that the making of ogoh-ogoh is an artistic effort which will influence the cultural city of Denpasar.

Related to the celebration of Nyepi, which is close to the legislative election, Rai Dharmawiajaya Mantra explained that the community especially youths have been able to separate politics and cultural.

“Now the ‘sekaa teruna’ (customary youth group) in Denpasar have been able to differentiate the interests of politics and culture, and in the future we expect that it will improve the togetherness and unity of the city,” Rai Mantra said.

Meanwhile, the Committee Chair of the ogoh-ogoh parade in Kesiman Village, Ketut Subratha, said that the parade is in the fourth year, with approximately 30 participants from sekaa teruna in the respective village.

The implementation of the parade this year has the same judgment criteria as previous years, they are ogoh-ogoh profiles, arrangement, and harmonization of the artwork, and participants will compete for trophies, certificates and cash awards.

While maintaining security and order during the parade and Nyepi this year, he also gathered each sekaa teruna, to help maintain security and order together.

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