DPD Candidate Proposes Innovation for Traffic in Kuta


The candidate for Regional Representative Council (DPD) from Bali, Anak Agung Putu Ngurah Wirawan proposed a new innovation in addressing traffic congestion in Kuta.

“I suggest the government should think about the route to Kuta area because the traffic congestion is increasing,” he said in Denpasar on Tuesday.

He considers the traffic congestion in Kuta has been very disturbing the tourist activity. “The issue of traffic in Kuta is now getting worse. The problem is not only the density of vehicles and traffic jams, other problem also faced by Kuta is parking problem,” he said.

In addition to the frequently jammed streets, especially on holidays, other issue in Kuta is the issue of land availability for parking. “To find a parking space in Kuta is very difficult, especially on the holiday season,” he said.

To solve this problem, said Ngurah Wirawan, there is need to have traffic engineering in Kuta.

“Kuta does require policy or extreme traffic engineering, such as restrictions on private vehicles entering Kuta. Only private vehicles owned by local residents with special stickers allowed in Kuta. There should be a rule about the use of private vehicles on the narrow and crowded streets in Kuta,” said former Chairman of DPP Indonesia Hindu Youth Association (Peradah).

The policy that prohibits private and public vehicles entering the tourist area of Kuta, he added, must be balanced with the availability of buses at any time in the Kuta area.

“The bus must be prepared consistently, for example every five minutes ready to serve passengers in bus stops. This shuttle bus can take people around Kuta with consistent time, so no need to bring a private car to Kuta,” said the politician from Banjar Kaliunggu, Denpasar.

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  1. Coffeepot Says:

    The man is joking. What Kuta needs is serious control of building restrictions, as with other parts of the Island. Bite the bullet and widen the roads and only only building with appropriate number of parking spaces.

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