Political Parties in Denpasar Agree to Take Down Attributes on March 28


Political parties in Denpasar participating in 2014 National Election have agreed to take down all campaign attributes starting from March 28, 2014, to respect the celebration of Nyepi Caka 1936.

“The political parties representatives have agreed on it when we had coordination meeting in relation to campaign preparation some time ago and it is reemphasized on the plenary meeting of final voter list (DPT) determination,” said the Chairman of Election Commission Denpasar, Gede Jhon Darmawan, in Denpasar.

According to him, as the campaign attributes is taken down on March 28 or at the same time when Hindus conduct melasti (a ritual to bring sacred objects to water resources or sea for purification regarding Nyepi) ritual, it is a joint commitment, but his side will not give sanction if there is still attribute installed.

“Actually on March 28 is still open campaign period so according to Election Law it is allowed to install any campaign attributes,” said John.

However, John added, political parties made the agreement as a form of respecting local wisdom so not distracting Hindus seclusion in celebrating Nyepi on March 31, 2014.

“It’s back to the good will of each party if there is any party not taking down their campaign attributes by themselves,” he said.

He stated that the campaign attributes installment included in violation category if until the vacant period or three days before voting day it is still there.

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