Religious Value of Arts and Culture along with Tourism

The culture observer from Hindu Dharma Institute (IHDN) Denpasar, Dr. Ketut Sumadi said that the preservation efforts for religious, arts and culture values in Balinese community could be in line with the development of tourism.

“The attitude is a form to synchronize perception about Bali identity that has made tourism as part of its culture,” said Dr. Ketut Sumadi who is also Director of Religion Doctoral Program IHDN Denpasar, on Saturday.

He said that it is also in line with the Bali Regulation which emphasizes that the aim to have cultural tourism is to introduce, empower, preserve and improve the object quality and tourist attraction.

What equally important is to maintain the norms and cultural, religious values and Balinese natural life that is environmental friendly, prevent and eradicate negative impacts caused by tourism activities.

“It’s as double-edged blade, tourism can create commoditization on local people culture because it is regarded as tourism object and attraction. On the other hand, tourism could maintain the resilience of customary village especially in Kuta area and its culture,” said Ketut Sumadi who had conducted a research about ritual and cultural activities in Kuta.

In maintaining Balinese religious resilience, inevitably Balinese people must be able to play the double-edged blade in changing the culture capital since the beginning development of tourism until it enters the global era nowadays.

Sumadi added that therefore customary village people in one hand always make efforts so that their cultural capital could become the commodity and tourist attraction, so in the cultural practices they always pay attention to the tourists’ needs and tourism sustainability.

On the other hand, they preserve the local wisdom so that it doesn’t lost its characters and identity based on Tri Hita Karana, which is harmonious and congenial relationships among humans, human and nature and human and God amidst development of tourism.

Therefore, Balinese people, government and businessman together synchronize their perception as one form of yadnya (holy sacrifice) to maintain Bali religious values in the middle of tourism torrent.

Because local wisdom practices that have religious values are efforts done with pure heart to reach prosperity in living together as well as physical and emotional happiness, Ketut Sumadi said.

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