Vice Governor of Bali Proposes Mobile Service to Detect HIV


Vice Governor of Bali, Ketut Sudikerta proposes a mobile service to detect patients of HIV/ AIDS as an effort to optimize prevention on the sexual-transmitted disease.

“We will make a blood test mobile car program, which will be spread to various rural areas in Bali. If from the blood test, there are the positive ones, treatment will be directly done,” he said when received the Team Leader of HIV Cooperation Program for Indonesia (HCPI) Catherine Barker in Denpasar.

According to him, many HIV/AIDS patients in Bali who are not in the list yet. Based on the data from Department of Health Bali Province, the number of people indicated having HIV/AIDS cumulatively is just 8,141 cases.

In fact, actually it is predicted to reach 26,000 patients. This estimation is based on the observation on HIV/AIDS spread in Bali and the survey in 2012 by involving 2,000 respondents.

“This validation data is really needed to optimize the effort to prevent HIV/ AIDS that is more alarming,” he said.

The government of Bali Province, Sudikerta added, has commitment in preventing and treating HIV/ AIDS. It is proved by the increasing fund allocation that is quite significant.

“If previously, only Rp500 millions is budgeted, now the government of Bali Province allocate the budget up to Rp6 billion. In the future, we expect that collaboration with HCTVI could be continuously improved,” said the man who is also the Daily Chair of AIDS Prevention Commission of Bali Province.

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