Bali Police Releases Suspects of Threatening Gov. Case


Bali Police finally granted the request from the Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, to release four suspects for alleged threats against him by writing on a banner, on Saturday.

The four suspects were identified as IMAJ (25), SME (25), IWS (22) and IWT allegedly involved in put up a banner with the words that threaten the number one man on the island when they were together with one of non-governmental organizations rallied at the end of February.

The attorney of those four men, Wayan “Gendo” Suardana explained that after inhaling the air of freedom, they did ‘melukat` or purification ritual at the beach.

Previously, Governor Made Mangku Pastika on Wednesday (26/3) came to the Bali Police to ask for suspension of the detention for four people from Sidakarya with consideration ahead of Nyepi Day and Legislative General Election.

“I appeal to the Chief of Bali Police for their arrest to be suspended as soon as possible,” said Pastika.

When Mangku Pastika came to Bali Police Headquarter, he was received by the Deputy Chief of Bali Police, Brigadier General I Gusti Ngurah Rahardja Subyaktha.

“In welcoming Nyepi and election we have to keep the conduciveness of Bali and for the sake of youths arrested, I propose to suspend their imprisonment,” he said.

Pastika admitted that he did not pull out any report or complaint because the case is an ordinary offense.

“This is not a report or complaint, but the police obligation to conduct an investigation. It’s a usual offense, it’s up to them. Depending on the police,” he said.

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