Malaysia in the Big Three Supplying Tourists to Bali


More Malaysians come to Bali and even the country is recorded in the best three suppliers of foreign tourists to the island in early 2014.

According to data from Bali Tourism Office, the number of Malaysian tourists who come on holiday to Bali is 33,560 people during January- February 2014 increase 29.31 percent compared to the same period last year only 25,954 people.

Malaysian tourist arrivals are able to shift the position of Japanese tourist from third slipped into the top four, with 30,691 people or decreased 2.62 percent compared to January – February 2013 reached 31,517 people.

Malaysia and Singapore in the South East Asia region, listed in top ten countries supplying foreign tourists to Bali, in addition to Australia that occupies the highest position, followed by China and Malaysia ranked third.

“It is shown from the number of foreign tourist arrivals from Malaysia to Bali increasing almost every month,” said a tourism observer and local tour guide, Wayan Sudana, in Denpasar.

“Political turmoil between countries affect on visit among communities, but it will not last long, especially Indonesia and Malaysia are neighbors, so it should be relatively minor and temporary,” he said.

Malaysian tourists mostly interested in visiting tourism objects in Bali, because they feel safe and comfortable being on the island.

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