Need Effort to Dredge Lake in Bali


Head of the Bali Provincial Develop-ment Planning, Putu Astawa said, a number of lakes that become clean water reservoirs and irrigation need to be dredged in order to avoid siltation and the water level overflows during the rainy season.

“The overflowing water of Lake Batur that has occurred since two months ago is flooding the residential area. The depth of agricultural land needs to be dredged, as silting has occurred since a long time ago,” said Head of the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) of Bali, Putu Astawa in Denpasar.

Water resources or springs that exist already decrease, due to logging in the upstream and also in the forests so there are many rivers dried up and this condition is quite alarming.

Putu Astawa explained that the number of Bali population continues to grow and has reached over four million people. It is in need of drinking and clean water supplies, the volume continues to increase in line with population growth. Not to mention for other purposes.

Therefore, the need for efforts undertaken in addition to the lake dredging, as well as reforestation tree planting including bamboo forest plants in mountain areas.

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